Open Your Kimono commission by Sarah Boulton

July 2015 

birdsneedgravitytoswallow.org, a new Open Your Kimono commission by Sarah Boulton, with an accompanying text by Sophie Jung.


'Underneath it all, or beyond, or wherever was sung 'sadness is a blessing' on the lil other (unmentioned) URL extension'.


'sadness is a pearl, sadness is my boyfriend, oh sadness im ur girl'

Sarah Boulton is an artist based in England.

L/B/15 A light box commission by Jesse Darling 

To accompany the launch of Sarah Boulton's project, Jesse Darling produced the 15th commission in the light box programme. It was switched on at 6 pm on the evening of the 18th of July and will remain in situ throughout the summer. 


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