Tristan Stevens and Lawrence Lek, online commission #happybirthdayniall

#happybirthdayniall a new series of .gifs.

Pro Numb is proud to present its first online commission by Tristan Stevens.
Stevens has collaborated with Lawrence Lek in order to present his work inside a wider online project designed by Lek for an Art Licks Weekend commission. The I/P/1 commission will be installed at Project/Number and loop live throughout the evening of the 5 October. Join us for a casual evening of food & drinks.

Tristan Stevens solo exhibitions: FIFTHWALL, Black Swan Arts, Frome, UK; View-Point, OUTPOST, Norwich, UK. Recent group exhibitions: 'Ways of Something' Debut screening, Transfer Gallery, NY; Bending Light, Home-Platform, Bristol, UK; Crazy, Sexy, Cool, Montreal; Clusterfuck Zoo, Transfer Gallery; Anatomize, Transfer Gallery; When Analog was Periodical, Berlin.

Ways of something / 
Bending Light / 
Crazy Sexy / 
Anatomize / 
Analog /

Lawrence Lek (b. 1982, Frankfurt) fabricates, and simulates, utopian visions. His practice reflects the spatial manifestations of collective consciousness, in particular our altered sense of freedom within, and control over, virtual worlds. A continuous rewriting of symbols, territories, and narratives occurs throughout his work as a surrogate for this dialogue. Recent exhibitions include Tabularium at Slopes, Melbourne (2014), Raytracer at the White Building (2014), Penthouse 4C at the Barbican Centre, Bodyscape at Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, Glass Idols at the Victoria & Albert Museum (2013), and Art Redistribution Group at Arcadia Missa (2011).

View an extract of the commission:

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