Jonny JJ Winter, Me's on a Beam

To coincide with the exhibition The Summary Show, Jonny JJ Winter has produced the fourth light box in the series of commissions.

Jonny JJ Winter lives and works in London, UK.
As part of his practise he programs online and offline projects as and is the co-founder of The Two Jonnys' project space.

Pro Numb: Jonny, for your light box commission you said you wanted to make something different than the last two commissions, which were both black and white text pieces. Me's on a Beam certainly is a departure from Matt Hale and Matthew Higgs's light boxes. What is taking place in the many layers of this piece? I can see patterns, the reflections of buildings and a wide spectrum of colours.


Jonny: Me's on a Beam is a digital collage of abstract borders, negotiating a lack of purpose to the overall image to create a non-advert of sickly colours and basic form. Layers are sourced from supermassive found google images and self-taken photographs of window non-displays, interlaced with generic photoshop effects.

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