The light box commission is a site specific, 2d artwork (110 x 83 cm) fitted above the entrance of the Pro Numb in Hackney. It looks out onto the street and is switched on every night. The light box is commissioned in parallel with the gallery programme and neither artists knows what the other is preparing for the project. This entertains a level of risk for all involved. Artists:

Berry Patten, Matt Hale, Matthew Higgs & SA*M*AEL, Jonny JJ Winter, Clunie Reid, Tom Godfrey, George Henry Longly, Lawrence Weiner, Peter Coffin, Juliette Bonneviot, Giorgio Sadotti, Simon Davenport, Liam Gillick, Mat Jenner, Jesse Darling, Nicholas Deshayes, Irene Revell presents HOMOCULT, Agata Madejska, Verity Birt, Zoe Williams.

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